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Accommodation Services

At Quality Care 24/7, we offer exceptional Accommodation Services to individuals with disabilities, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment that promotes independence and well-being.

Our Accommodation Services are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual. We provide a range of accommodation options, including shared living arrangements, supported independent living, and specialized accommodation for specific requirements.

Our Services

Choose Quality Care 24/7 for exceptional accommodation services that prioritize the comfort, independence, and overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Shared Living Arrangements

Create a supportive community and foster social connections through our inclusive shared living accommodations.

Supported Independent Living

Empower individuals to live independently with personalized support and assistance tailored to their specific needs.

Specialized Accommodation

Access specialized accommodation options designed to meet the unique requirements of individuals with specific disabilities.

Fully Accessible Facilities

Enjoy the peace of mind of fully accessible accommodations, ensuring safety, comfort, and ease of mobility.

Personalized Care and Support

Receive comprehensive care and personalized support to meet your daily living needs and enhance your overall well-being.

Community Integration

Our accommodation services focus on promoting community integration, providing opportunities for social interaction and engagement.


Creating an accessible and inclusive living environment for individuals with disabilities involves several important steps


Adaptations and Modifications

Assistive Technology and Equipment

Personalized Support and Care

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